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Curriculum Share is giving away 2 - "Picture Smart Bibles"!

Contest starts 10-1 and ends on 10-17! The top 2 members to invite new members to join Curriculum Share during this time will win! On 10-1 I will take note of all of our member's current invite totals, to be fair, and these will be deducted from your totals on 10-17.

Keep track on how many people joined that you invited in your profile! Also posted in the right column of the website is a "Top 10 Inviters Stats" Block. Remeber, the more members we have the more curriculum to go around!

How do I get credit for inviting members? Click Send Invitation in the right Information Box Menu,  or via the link in the top meu that says "Invite Other Homeschoolers". You can use your custom link found on the invitiation page to post on your blog, send to your frinds via email, post on Facebook, etc. Or you can invite them one at a time using the form.

You can Copy this code to display our button on your page  by modifying it with your number found on the invitation page. Simply copy this code, replace the bold text with your number, and post it where you want it to appear!

<center><a href="http://curriculumshare.com/index.php?action=register;inviter=YOUR NUMBER GOES HERE"><img src="http://curriculumshare.com/cs_button.jpg"/></a></center>

The Picture Smart Bible is easy and engaging for children and parents! Teach and learn the major concepts, events, and characters of each book of the Bible through reading, listening and drawing.

An overview of an entire book is illustrated on a single page. When finished drawing through a book of the Bible, your children will have both an illustration to save and an imprint on their minds to remember.

The Picture Smart Bible is the "big picture" perfect for a foundational Bible course. It helps students of all ages see how the whole Bible fits together. Check out our samples to see how it works.

CD format (PC and Mac) both volumes $75.00 $60.00 on sale at Hearts at Home!

The Picture-Smart Bible is a discipleship and teaching manual for children (gr 4+), teens, and adults as well as an evangelistic tool.

  • 2 Volume Set, Old and New Testament on CD (no book included)
  • Master drawings - a visual guide of the student worksheet for the teacher which illustrates the key concepts of each book of the Bible. This finished picture will guide your teaching and help you draw a student sheet along with your children. Some are full page and some are half page.
  • A Script - a synopsis of each Bible book to read to your students with instructions regarding when and what to trace or draw on the dotted line drawing. Each script begins with an orientation paragraph to help you and your children understand how each book relates to the previous book. Therefore,these paragraphs help children see the Bible as a whole.
  • Student sheets - copy these dotted line drawings for your students to complete while the teacher reads through the script. Student sheets are perforated for easy removal and copying. Located in the back of "The Picture-Smart Bible," student sheets are lighter dot-to-dot type illustrations that match the Master Drawings. In most cases, your "drawing path" will begin in the upper left corner, progressing back and forth across the page. Children should be encouraged to draw only when you draw.
  • Directions for Drawing. Within the commentary, you are told when and what to write, draw, or trace on the Student Sheets.
  • Wide Margin - Every page has space for you to write hints and things you learn in your study and devotions that you want to include in your teaching. Although it’s not necessary to study anything but this Bible, your presentation can be greatly enriched through personal study and the use of other resources.
  • Applications for Life . At the end of every script are suggested discussion questions designed to help students apply concepts from each book to their lives (II Tim. 3:16-17). You may, of course, choose to make practical applications throughout your lesson rather than waiting until the end.
  • Thumbnail Drawings.Located in the left margin of the script, these drawings show how the illustration will look as each element is added. These small, progressive illustrations, combined with written directions in the script, provide complete step-by-step drawing instructions.



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