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What do Jesus and the Planet Venus Have In Common? Biblical Astronomy for Homeschoolers

These are Jesus' parting words in the Bible: "I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star...Surely I am coming soon" (Revelation 22:16b, 20). In ancient times and still today, "morning star" is a way of referring to the planet Venus, which, on clear mornings, can be seen for 263 days in a row as a bright object in the East before sunrise. Why would Christ choose for his final written words to liken himself to the planet Venus?

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What Do You Love About the Bundle?

FLASH GIVEAWAY! DETAILS BELOW! (Bundle is over, see you next time!) Have you visited Build Your Bundle 2015? I'm a careful e-book buyer. I won't just indulge because e-books can be a little less. I can say that I've seen several I want to get my hands on in this bundle! {Post includes *affiliate links for the ...

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How To Homeschool – Homeschooling Methods

There are various philosophies and methodologies that homeschoolers utilize when educating their children. Some people choose one and follow it all the way through, while others mix and match depending on what they want to accomplish. Still, some homeschoolers begin with one then change their methodologies as the years wear on and they begin to ...

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Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method

by Carreen Schroeder New to the wonderful world of homeschooling? Looking for an educational philosophy that best suits the lifestyle and interests of your children and your family?   The decision to homeschool is a very freeing and empowering one but at the same time, can feel daunting as parents research the best educational methods ...

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A Note to My Children

I was looking for some recipes in my files and came across this letter I wrote for my children. It mainly has to do with work, and the complaining thereof. I thought I would share it. Dear Children, Here are a few reminders while living in our home. It helps to say them loudly. When ...

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Homeschool Welcome Baskets!

Homeschooling is a wonderful choice for families. If you need help, encouragement, suggestions, and a general "how to", The Old Schoolhouse® has a great resource, Homeschool Welcome Baskets, for FREE. Option A (Free): Here are the items you will receive: Email Newsletter - The Homeschool Minute E-Book: The Heart & Soul Homeschool Mama by Gena ...

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