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Welcome to Curriculum Share!

Welcome to Curriculum Share! This is a place where homeschoolers can get FREE homeschool curriculum from other homeschoolers. Curriculum Share is another great site brought to you by the same homeschooling family who owns Hearts at Home Discount Homeschool Curriculum Store!

Free Homeschool Curriculum
Curriculum Share is a community of homeschoolers who give and get homeschool curriculum for FREE! Curriculum Share is about cutting costs, not corners. You will pay only the cost of shipping agreed upon by you and the person you are getting your homeschool curriculum from.

For homeschooling families our children's education is a top priority, but a good education is costly. Especially one taught at home. Many homeschoolers are one income or low income families, and we struggle with the cost of living, let alone curriculum. With this in mind, we have created a place for homeschoolers where quality educational materials are free of cost. Members of Curriculum Share become part of a community that works together to make sure all of our children receive the best education we can give them.  

Homeschool Teaching Methods
Classical Homeschooling Method
Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method
Eclectic Homeschooling Method
Literature Based Homeschooling Method
Notebooking Homeschool Method
Accelerated Learning Homeschool Method
Combined Parent & Child Directed
Montessori Homeschool Method
The Principle Approach Homeschool Method
Traditional Homeschool Method
Unschooling/Child Directed Homeschool Method
Helpful Homeschooling Information
Homeschooler's Glossary of Terms
How to Homeschool
How to Keep a Homeschooling Portfolio
Curriculum Abbreviations
Homeschooling FAQ's
Homeschooling Methods


Public Forums

Curriculum Share is a member based homeschooling community. We do have some forums that are available to non-members, however, in order to post replies or start new threads, see member information, usernames, avatars, signatures, etc. you must be logged in.

All Giveaways and contests also require logging in.

Membership in our homeschool community is free! Join today for full access to our free homeschooling curriculum boards and other restricted areas!

Planning and Organization Discuss how you plan your days and different methods of organizing here.
All About Curriculum Curriculum Talk
General Homeschooling Discussions Everything Homeschool!
Recordkeeping / Portfolios Discuss how you organize your homeschool! Share ideas and glean from each other!
Homeschooling Styles and Methods There are many homeschooling styles and methods of teaching and learning. Classical Homeschooling Method, Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method , Eclectic Homeschooling Method, Literature Based Homeschooling Method, Notebooking, Homeschool Method , Accelerated Learning Homeschool Method, Combined Parent & Child Directed, Traditional Homeschool Method, Unschooling/Child Directed Homeschool Method and more! Discuss them all here!
Special Needs Homeschooling this board is for discussing homschooling special needs children. Ask questions, share advice and more!
Homeschooling Overseas / Military Homeschooling This board is for military familes and those who live in other countries to share with each other about their homeschooling journey!
Homeschool vs Public School This is a scary board. Ever wonder if there are good reasons to homeschool, visit here!
A Day at Our House What is a day of homemaking and homeschooling like in your house? I like to call ours "organized chaos"!
Homeschool Parents / Off-Topic Use this board to post when you can't find anywhere else to post it!
Couponing & Frugal Living This board is for coupon queens, those in training, and the ones who have the desire to learn! Recently added a frugal/thrifty board too! Share ideas on frugality and how to save a buck!
Coupon/Shopping Routine How do you shop with your coupons? Do you have a routine?
Favorite Couponing Websites There are a ton of websites available to help you get the most out of couponing, share them here!
Coupon Organization How do you organize your coupons?
Share your information on deals! Do you know of a good sale? Find a "hidden" deal? Share it here!
Frugal Living & Thriftiness! You asked for it and here it is! A board about saving $$$!
Prayer Requests We all need encouragement and prayer!Tell us how we can lift up you and your family.
Being a Wife, Homeschooler, Mom, Friend....so many hats to wear! Sometimes we all need encouragement that is not necessarily homeschool related. This is a board for that.
Crafty Moms This board is all about your craft projects, ideas, and such!
Recipes Share your favorite recipes with your Curriculum Share friends!
Natural Cleaning Recipes This board contains natural/homeade cleaning recipes. These frugal cleaning recipes are safe for little ones.
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