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How We Handled Gift Giving

When our children were young, we sometimes had to handle the situation of people giving them gifts which were things we didn’t approve of. We found it very helpful to have a wishlist for the kids of things they wanted or things we thought would benefit them. It often solved the problem of people giving […]


An Answer For Our Constant Christmas Quandary

We have always struggled, like many homeschoolers, with the gift-giving part of Christmas. My husband comes from a huge gift-giving family. I come from a family in which money was always tight and gifts tended to be few but meaningful.  We both have a faith that leads us to condemn unmitigated materialism, convicts us about […]

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Making Family Ornaments

Orna­ment shar­ing is one of the best tra­di­tions we have started in our fam­ily. I love orna­ments. Years ago, we were invited to a friend’s home for Christ­mas. Their chil­dren were well grown with fam­i­lies of their own. Upon see­ing her tree, I was fas­ci­nated!  I didn’t know any of their chil­dren, but you could […]

Autumn Books for Unit Studies

Unit studies are a lot fun, especially during autumn. With a few good books you can pack lessons upon lessons. Here are some ideas for unit studies and I’ll include three of my favorite autumn books to consider. Each of these books are for around ages 4-8, although older and younger audiences don’t mind listening […]

Free Printables for Homeschool Organization

More of a DIY parent? If you like to mix and match to find the perfect groove for you or if you just prefer the old fashioned pen and paper style of organizing, the blogosphere is packed with free printables that you can use to create a homeschool organization binder to fit your exact needs.

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Book Samaritan

Curriculum Support & Donations

Are you struggling to afford homeschooling curriculum materials? Maybe you know someone who is? There is a wonderful organization called The Book Samaritan that is operated by a one woman and her mother and they fill boxes all day and mail off supplies to homeschoolers in need. What a mission! The Book Samaritan is a non profit organization that […]


10 FREE Customizable Meal Planners

Meal planning can be such a lifesaver. Carlie from www.fulfillingyourvows.com posted a list of 10 FREE Printable Meal Planners over at www.homeschoolgiveaways.com that can be a huge helper in our busy homeschool days!

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